This is Me - Founder of Omanu

Surf Teacher & Personal Development Coach, Chaga Latte Drinker & Tree Lover.


Born and raised as a Gypset, I've spent my whole life bouncing between the UK and Australia (and many other places in between) with nothing more than a passion, laptop and a dream.


Yes, dreams really do come true (even after 10 years)!


I'm am proud to have created a socially conscious retreat company which has had a positive impact on the lives of many.


Through our retreats, experiences and digital products I help people like you live a healthy, connected and purposeful life.


How did I get started?

For as long as I can remember, I've intrinsically wanted to help people. For people to feel happy, successful and creatively fulfilled.


This has led me down a deeply insightful rabbit hole of personal development. In particular my two favourite subjects - human behaviour and metaphysics.


My other loves are qigong, writing, entrepreneurship, travel, philosophy and wellness.


I've also wanted more than a 9-5. I began my late teens and adult life as a gifted surfer, who traveled and competed all over the world.


I then invested in property but hit the crash of 2008. Just surviving, I started bar tending and surf coaching part-time.


On the side I started to build my surf coaching business from the ground up.


This naturally led to retreats and here I am with you right now.


I also run a Personal Development business over at


I've have dabbled in many business, some have failed.


I've made many mistakes, learnt a shit load and now I'm here to bring you the very best of what I am learning and living everyday.


Which brings me to you

 I'm and here to serve you. Omanu was built on a bedrock of love, community and playful fun.


It's true, I'm not a serious person, thank f#ck.


Through our free online content, paid products and anything else we might offer, we are here to impact your life on a positive and thoughtful way.


Weather your coming on a retreat with us or happy reading our articles we are here to guide you on a path towards a healthy, connected and purposeful life.


If you still with me, thankyou. I hope is only the beginning of our friendship. The best way to stay connected with Omanu is to sign up to our newsletter. Or, in between surf's and tree hugging you will occasionally see the odd post or two on our social channels.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’ve connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.


Love and gratitude,


Lauren X0