About Our Coaching

Our surf development private coaching is specifically designed to see you transform your overall surfing performance.

At Omanu we believe technical surfing can be taught simply. Which is why we view surfing from a broader perspective.

Good coaching is important as you progress because so many technical aspects of surfing are very counter intuitive. 

Which is why we incorporate both land based and water based training. 

Surfing is a difficult and complicated sport and there's a lot more to surfing than simply standing up and riding a wave.

Most surfers think I can "already surf" I don't need any lessons to teach me. Whilst this may be true in theory this is also what hold's so many surfers back from improving.

And, let's be honest - the better you can surf the more fun you're going to have. 

The Omanu Learning Method:

Topics We Will Cover

Land based training

  • Tools to develop better mindset
  • Discussion and analysis of better strategies
  • Endurance drills and exercises to maximise your surfing performance  
  • Breath techniques to improve lung capacity
  • Exercises and movement training to improve flexibility
  • Balance training to enhance coordination and improve surfing fundamentals

Water based training

  • Video analysis
  •  Correct surfing technique
  • Equipment advice
  • Underwater training 
  • In water peak positioning & wave selection 
  •  Identification and discussion of problem areas

Choose Your Package

In-Water Coaching

This coaching is ideal for Level 1 or 2 surfers.​​

Surf Video Analysis

This coaching is ideal for Level 3 or 4 surfers.​​

From Your Instructor 

Hey guys,

I'm Lauren Ringer (founder) and welcome to Omanu PRIVATE COACHING. Here we provide a great opportunity to have expert coaching one to one.  

This is a unique opportunity to develop your skills and and improve your surfing performance.

Our private lessons are outcome oriented with a focus on "what do you want" approach.

Each lessons is tailored towards a specific goal the clients wants to specifically work on and is then broken down into bited-sized chunks and worked on throughout the lesson and/or on an ongoing basis.

Our private lessons are powerful transformation and our clients leave knowing how to continue with your progression independently.

This means that a clear road map of drills and skills will unfold in front of you for you to continue progressing with. 

I hope you can join me out in the water soon ✌️

With Love,