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We are a global community of surfers inspiring each other in the ocean & in life. 

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We get it, you're not going to drop $2,500 (give or take) on a retreat without wanting to get to know us first. Although if you do, were not going to stop you 🙂

But honestly, we wouldn't want you too either.

It's important were both a fit for each other.

We would much prefer you to start with signing up to our articles and you get a chance to WIN A RETREAT. Here you will get to know us and what were about.

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What does Omanu mean?

Omanu is a word meaning 'Nesting Place'.

We like to think of Omanu as a digital temple to love, heal, pray, think, feel and connect.

What is Omanu?

We want you to feel you can stop by here anytime, have a chaga, watch a video, read an article or come on a retreat (if you can) for you to connect to yourself, others and nature.

Yes, we create retreats, products, events and experiences which help you to improve your surfing and live a healthy and inspired life. But most importantly we are a community, a place for you to come and connect anytime.

Omanu Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful. We are here to bring people together.

One smile, one conversation, one wave at a time.

We value connecting with others as our livelihood.

It's time for us to sit around, cry, chat, love and feel a sense of belonging to each other.

We are here to share and experience the joy of the ocean!

Why Us?

Making a decision on how to spend our vacation is an important one. So why should we choose Omanu in the first place? Good question!

Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you?

  • I want to improve my surfing.
  • I want to have more confidence in the water.
  • I want to experience less fear and more fun.
  • I want an adventure.
  • I want to relax and rejuvenate.
  • I want to travel with like-minded people.
  • I want to learn more about myself and my possibilities.
  • I’d love to travel, give something back, and be in service.
  • I wish to connect with other cultures and spiritual traditions.
  • I’m going through major life changes and could use clarity.
  • I have stress in my life and need to rest and be pampered.
  • I want to have the spiritual experiences I’ve read about.
  • I want to reconnect with my path and purpose.
  • I want to push myself and feel challenged.
  • I want to feel ALIVE!

Next Steps

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If at anytime you wish to reach out with questions, please do. We are always on hand to help at

With love and gratitude the world awaits,


Founder of Omanu